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Springfield Primary School Staff List


Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher                                                               Mrs Joseph

Co Headteacher (Monday)                                         Mrs Holder

Deputy Headteacher/KS2 Leader & SEND                Mrs Holder

(Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri)

Assistant Headteacher/EYFS & KS1 Leader              Mrs Pycroft

Curriculum Leader & Y5 Classteacher                        Ms Tejeda

School Business Manager                                          Ms Hannay





Ms Button


Ms Tejeda & Mrs Beauchamp



Mr Melleney

Y3    Ms Grossett


  Mr Caunt
Y1    Ms Abdillahi


  Mrs Shikabonga


Learning Mentor/Safeguarding Responsibility 


  Mrs L Crocker 
Teaching Assistants
Higher Level Teaching Assistant      Ms  Leaper
Higher Level Teaching Assistant   Mrs  Hatton
Higher Level Teaching Assistant & Teaching Assistant   Mrs Taylor Chan
Teaching Assistant        Mrs Alyahri
Teaching Assistant   Ms  Cobbold
Teaching Assistant   Ms  Walton
Teaching Assistant   Mrs Wootton
Teaching Assistant   Miss Charlesworth
Teaching Assistant   Mrs Su
Teaching Assistant   Miss Ali
Teaching Assistant   Mrs Nasser
Teaching Assistant   Mrs Basu
Teaching Assistant   Mrs Barakzai
Teaching Assistant   Mrs Abdulrub



Lunchtime Supervisors/  Additional Support
Lunchtime Supervisor   Ms Al-Quaiti
Lunchtime Supervisor   Ms Saleh
Lunchtime Supervisor   Ms Hassan
Lunchtime Supervisor   Mrs Al-Asbahi
Lunchtime Supervisor    Mrs Abderrahmane


Administrative Staff

School Business Manager   Ms Hannay
 Administrative Office Assistant      

Mrs Kilham- Heeks


Premises Staff

Buildings Officer   Mr  Thompson


Premises Support




Mr Nelson-Piercy

Premises Support   Mrs Achkasova



'Through respect for all,


in a safe and supportive community, we celebrate our diversity and reach for success in all we do'.


Springfield Primary School

Cavendish Street, Sheffield S3 7RZ

Main Contact:Admin Assistant | Mrs Kim Kilham-Heeks

School Business Manager | Ms Joanne Hannay